StudioX using wrong date format while using excel sheet

Hi there,

I’m currently struggling to get StudioX to use the right date format.
The input file is an excel sheet with a date as dd.MM.yyyy.
When I use Type Into Activity StudioX is transforming it into MM/dd/yyyy and the Website I’m trying to type this into is only accepting the original format.


Is there a setting in StudioX I am missing?
I don’t think this is intentional behaviour of StudioX isn’t it?


StudioX uses en-US as culture when talking with Excel, so some of the date formats (those marked with * in Excel, by example) will not be read as shown in Excel. This is a technology limitation which we are currently investigating.

As an workaround, use the TEXT function in Excel in a new column and read the dates from there, for example: =TEXT(A1, dd.MM.yyyy)

You can check the “Dates” worksheet in the ProjectNotebook for more examples: