Generic error when using click activity in SAP


I am trying to perform a double click on an element from a SAP Menu and am currently receiving a generic error.
Note: An error is also thrown if I use the Double Click Image activity which I find very strange.

Some notes to consider:

  • Initially I couldn’t interact with the SAP elements but fixed it by changing the settings in GUI Config. Before doing this change I was able to use the Double Click Image successfully on the item I am now unable to click on.
  • I am able to interact with many other elements, typing into them and clicking on them so there exist other elements that I am able to click on.
  • I have tried checking SendWindowMessages and SimulateClick without success.
  • I am using WaitForReady Complete.
  • When opening the Selector on the Click activity it successfully identifies the element.

A section of the SAP Menu:

The error message:

A sample selector for one of the items I am unable to click:

Hi @JonAndri
have you tried the SAP click picture on screen activity.

you can also try double click OCR text

Mark as solution :white_check_mark: if this helps you.

Hi Shetanshudhar

Unfortunately the SAP Click Picture returns the same generic error and the Double Click OCR Text times out.

I thought I’d provide some additional information. I tried various combinations in the SAP GUI Config (see screenshot below).
If I have either “Notify when a script attaches to SAP GUI” or “Notify when a script opens a connection” or both checked, I am able to interact with the SAP Menu items. However, by doing this I am completely unable to interact with anything else in SAP which renders the automation useless.
Now, if I uncheck everything I am able to interact with most elements in SAP, but I am unable to select the SAP Menu items as described in my initial post.
So far, there is no way for me to have everything accessible at the same time…