'Generic click error' but button is being successfully clicked?

Hey there,

I randomly started getting a ‘generic click error’ on a process which has always worked. I checked selectors etc and all is working fine, I even put it in an anchor with a find activity/variable output.

The odd thing is that the click IS clicking as the bot receives a ‘success’ message from the portal in question, but it STILL gets the generic click error.

It is frustrating as we are using this bot for business and it keeps telling us it failed for this reason and so doesn’t continue, but in reality it didn’t fail! Any advice would be really appreciated, here is the property:

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Hey @dr1992

Are you using any preview version of the package here ?


Hello @dr1992

Please check whether any upgrade has happened to the uiautomation package. Please downgrade or upgrade to a stable version and check it once.

Hi @dr1992,

Maybe it’s having trouble loading the page?

Can you try changing the waitforReady field to none for now?

Also make sure your UI Autmation package is up to date.

Make sure there is not more than one open page from the processed page.

When you higlight the selector, make sure it selects the relevant area.


Kindly Try this,
Select Send Window Message in place of Simulate Click in properties