Click generic. Error

Hi ,

Getting random click errors in process . Click generic error.

Dont know how to solve. Please help

Please provide more information(error message and/or screenshot).

I dont have it. Right now . But error is not occuring everytime sometimes click works some times not … also enable simulate click and added delay before… Still error is coming

Hey @Pankaj_Dhane I’m also facing the same issue did you resolve this issue ?

I was having the same issue with an specific webpage, where it had worked fine and then suddenly began to consistently have this message. After a lot of unnecessary troubleshooting of the selector, I actually signed onto the VM where the robot was running and found that the process had been failing to close previous instances because a File Explorer window was awaiting a file selection - this open window was also causing the click to fail. After closing all instances of the application and the File Explorer window my process began to run normally again.

All this in mind check the VM to make sure you don’t have a similar situation. Maybe also review your process to see if there is some loop or recovery attempt that might cause you to inadvertently create this situation.

Hope this helps!