Generate Yearly Ropert- Not Getting Monthly Report Some TaxID

In Generate Yearly Report project, I’m not getting any monthly reports in that TaxID.
My problem is when I am not getting RO657463 this TaxID whole Month nothing any yearly report.

and u can see in 2nd error picture --Some problems were encountered.

hi @Naveen_Kumar2

Some taxid may not have monthly report , our task is we need to capture those error for our learning

Robinnavinraj s

Ok… then in the update work item what will be the status…
there are three statuses- Open, Rejected, and Completed.

Hi @Naveen_Kumar2

If a Vender Tax ID does not have monthly report, then you can ignore that one and move with next monthly report available record.

Your code should be in a position to handle the ‘No report found…’ popup.

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.