Generate Yearly Report - No Report Found


I am not getting any data on the reports page. I have tried ‘reset test data’ from user options but still, the report is not showing anything. Could you please help me with this?


It is exptected. There won’t be reports for every month.
You have to handle this pop-up window and have to continue for the next months.

It is clearly mentioned in the walkthrough document.


I am a bit stuck with this item, because now there are several Vendor TaxID that dont have any reports the whole year, that means that there not will be a report created for that vendor taxID. if you send in a blank report you cant pass the test.
anyone has pass it recently ?

Hi @Ronaldo_Komen did u mean that for taxid u had entered there is no report for any month in whole year

If it is like above

Then reason may be there would be some spacing at the beginning or end of the taxid which is typed so when u type taxid

Kindly use the

Let’s say taxid is stored in TaxId varible

So in type into specify it as


Hope it helps you


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