Issue while running performer section in uipath assignment 2


While running performer section in uipath assignment 2 after running dispatcher, it is picking tax id and downloading. But it is saying “Read Monthly CSV Report: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\Aravind\Documents\UIPath assignment2\yearlyreport-performer-master (1)\yearlyreport-performer-master\Data\Temp\Report-RO125678-2019-January.csv’.” I have attached screenshot of the issue. Please help debug the issue

Hi, if there is a monthly report and downloads it can you check that the downloaded monthly report’s complete file path is the same complete file path the Read CSV is trying to open.

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How to check it?

Remember when downloading the monthly report you have to “Type Into” the complete file path where it will be saved in the “File name” box, that same complete file path should also be the one the Read CSV is trying to open.

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Where to type that complete path? Need clarity

On your workflow screenshot I see that you are trying to Read CSV before the “On Element Appear Finish Download”, can you move the Read CSV activity and Merge Data Table after the “On Element Appear Finish Download” and try to test it again

I assume that you are trying to read the csv before even finishing the download that could be causing the error, else the Read CSV is trying to read a wrong file path.

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Did as suggested. But still same issue. Let me know if it is correct what i have modified.

Have attached the screenshot.

The path where it is getting downloaded.

Hi I see now your problem because the download file is not renamed before downloading
In your folder screenshot the downloaded filename is “Report-DE767565-2.csv”, whereas the Read CSV is trying to read “Report-DE767565-2019-Feburary.csv”

How to fix it? Where to change? Need some suggestion.

Use your ReportFilePath variable as the filename and path when downloading the monthly report
ReportFilePath = “C:\YOUR FOLDER\Report-DE767565-2019-Feburary.csv”


I am facing permission denied issue after giving path. Let me know if it is ok. If not what is the solution. I have attached the screenshot.


It is going and downloading in that folder
Let me know if any other solution is available for this. So that will implement accordingly.

It is downloading but the filename isn’t getting renamed you have to rename it first before downloading
from “Report-DE767565-2.csv” to “Report-DE767565-2019-Feburary.csv”

Use your Type Into activity to type your ReportFilePath in the “File Name:” box before downloading the file.

And then use your Read CSV to read ReportFilePath

Means I am not getting. Correct me if I am wrong. Do I need to use Type Into activity before the read monthly csv format. What about the permission denied issue? How to assign permissions?

Is that what you meant? Just for my understanding

Not quite, remember when you click “Save as” when downloading a pop up window is going to appear? Type Into the ReportFilePath into “File Name:” box then click “Save”.

Also you don’t need to change the Read CSV value just leave it as ReportFilePath

So read CSV value should be just report file path. That is what you are saying right?
Correct me if am wrong

Yes no change is needed in Read CSV

And should that type into activity be there before that read csv report? Will it solve the permission issue?