Generate Yearly Report - Microsoft Edge - Not able click "Save" button on the download report

Unable to click the Save button in the Edge browser. Button is shown below screenshot. Tried all the suggestions provided in the other threads in the forum.
TypeInto enter
TypeInto Send Hotkey Enter

Set Focus, click
Click sendwindowmessages as input

After Indicate element press F4 and indictate to see aa attributes

Please suggest.


Kindly try simulate click as true @samavpch

Selectors are working fine for the Click activity. I can see click action but not button save is not happening

Hi @samavpch

In the Property panel for set “Alert If Disabled” to “True” and try running the process.


thanks for the suggestion

getting error with simulate click

thanks will try now

Hi @samavpch

Can you please share the error message and the selector you use to point to the ‘Save’ button?


Sure. I will share in a bit. Trying to use attachwindow now

Sorry for the delayed response. TypeInto + Enter solved the issue. But later got issues with uipath edge extensions. So I had to redo the entire course using chrome. Completed the “Practice with ReFramework”


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