Click on "Save" for a Microsoft Edge Download

I’m working within Microsoft Edge (unfortunately, the required browser) and attempting to download a file from a site. However, it doesn’t allow me to select/click on the Save or Open button in the below image because they are not a part of the webpage. Can you please help me out or provide a workaround for this?

Hi @Bhavik_Doshi,

Enable following option then it will pop up the where you need to save window then you can easily save your file anywhere by passing path

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May be this help.

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Hi @Bhavik_Doshi

Try the above ways told by @SamanGuruge and @anandji05 .

If those doesn’t work then try using Click Image Activity.

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Thank you Pratik, Saman, and Anand! I will try this on my partner’s laptop tomorrow morning and keep you updated (and mark as solution). Click Image activity did not work for me.