Generate Yearly Report - Help to Upload Assignment

Hi, could someone help me complete the challenge, the 2 files are finished but I don’t know how to finish the activity, I upload the performer and it doesn’t count the grade. I’m sending the 2 files if someone can help me. (4.0 MB) (965.0 KB)

Hi @Pedro_Azevedo ,

As you upload the Zip file it will take some time to update the Grades , As per the solution you have given .Meanwhile Can you re check the solution again and guide to complete the task.


Hi , my suggustion is , you can create 1 folder that contains dispatcher and performer, then zip both of files , and then resend it ,
you can wait for 1- 2 days if you already submit it, if still no change , you can contact the uipath to reset your submission

zip the file like this

and as you can see
it takes at least 1 day to be graded by my experience


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Pudiste resolver estoy igual cargando el proceso pero nada que lo acepta… tienes algunas correccion

Hello, I’m going through the same problem, I sent the item but it always got the same grade 0/100.
How did you solve this problem please?

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tuve algunos problema con spacio y puntos… hasta nombre que esta mal… y por la pagina esta el test y asi probé cada iteración

Hi Matheus
I Have uploaded the both Dispatcher and perfomer but the grade was 58\100 it is showing even thoough the bot is running fine without any errors.

can u pls help me on that as the document has mentioned we need to select year as 2017 for uploading\Downloading the file but in the acme website it has only 2022 and 2023. the bot is running fine for both the 2022 nd 2023 year selection

can u pls help me on that

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hi i am facing issue in Generate yearly report upload issue could you plz hele me on this!

Mine also showing zero always even though the automation is running perfectly fine