Level 3 assignment 2 0/100.. all right but I do not approve help

I’m following the suggested criteria, is more accommodates the colunms date that will remain in the middle in the reports because in some generated with the date to the right, everything should be correct but even so the assignment sent me 0/100.
I do not want to think about this but it seems that something is badly evaluated by the robot,

I comply with all the requirements and still keeps saying that assignment 2 has not happened, please check the page, because I have already reviewed everything and should approve.
please check the robot to evaluate the test

  • Status Completed

  • Filename that was uploaded = “Yearly-Report-2018-[TaxID].xlsx” (Exact filename)

  • Yearly report contains all available monthly report information (merged file)

  • comment contains the correct Upload ID

Please make sure email ID for ACME system and Academy are same.

Also don’t reset your data until get evaluated.

And assignment 2 year should be 2018.

After run your performer please login to ACME and check how many of WI4 work items status set to Completed.

I use the same mail for the orchestrator, the acme page and the academy.
all the work elements of WI4 are completed and the reports are from 2018 and I do not restart anything of acme.
I do not know what to look more, it works correctly and fulfills everything requested.

Can you provide the details of evaluation screenshot.

with pleasure, there is

click on the arrow after the marks it will show details

Out of 19 WI4 Items nothing is correct. Is it possible to zip and share me your code. I will go through and let you know

How did he send it in private?

ok i will send you private message just reply to that

ok,just a moment

send me it is too heavy to send it 37 MB

hi Theepan

Over the last 2 months, i’ve a similar issue - i’ve gone through the project so many times, everything works fine but my eval is 0/100.

what was wrong in that case?