Generate Yearly Report Assignment (ACME TEST4) working bot needed .. HELP

Hi Guys, Can anyone quickly check this attached bot and make it working on their system and share me back the same or share me the working code of yours.

  1. I’m stuck for 1 week on this step where it is not able to click on work items and says no more transaction found.
  2. I heard we can also perform this without work queues can anyone please fix ?

file link



read through the thread below, if it doesn’t help you, share with me a zipped folder of your project.

I have shared the link already, check above and download the bot. I couldnt upload as Im new.

Hello @ABHI_S

I would suggest that you run your project on debug mode and share the output…

please help and check this


Check weither you get the data correctly from your excel file or you pass correctly your data to your argument in_WorkItemDataTable…

Let me know how it goes for you :slight_smile: