Requesting help : Assignment 2 in Advance level 3 training

Hi Team,

I’ve started the level 3 assignment 2, but I’m facing issue by going manually as per the document.
In the document it is written as we have to pick the tax id and generate monthly report of current year, for current year there are no reports available.
In the other document of walk through of the process year is mentioned as 2017, even I tried that but not able to download report for any month, it is showing “404 [Routes]”. please suggest some solution so that I will be able to proceed with the assignment in order to complete the level 3 training.

Awaiting your response and thank you in advance.

Harshit Jain

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@Harshit_jain,Reset the test data in Acme sytem1 and Try (or) try to check with chrome as browser and let us Know

@sreekanth, Thank you I’m able to see it post doing as suggested.

@sreekanth Hey ,
I just want to know whether your yearly report works fine if it is jumbled by column wise?
Like example… In one of the report the date is misplaced from other monthly report!

Will it effect in submitting yearly report? Please give suggestion!!

May be it may lead to generation of wrong id when you upload it.Don’t have any idea on this one@Akhil

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Hey @sreekanth you mean each and every time we need to reset the test data if the same issue persist? then how we will complete the run for all the WI4 records and also instructions mention that after completion do not reset data till we get evaluated.

Plz suggest…

@Sanchit7 -

1 Reset your test data and clear your orchestrator Queue.
2. Run the Dispatcher workflow.
3. Run the performer workflow.
4. Verify that all the WI4 items have been set to status Completed
5. Submit your ZIP file for evaluation

Having error in performer “No reports found” How to solve it

which files should be in the ZIP File?