Generate Report after no data available in queue

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In re framework at the end of bot running(after no transaction available), I want to generate a report with transaction details of the queue(if no more data available in the queue). The report must contain the transaction details of current run which are just finished running.

The transaction details are as Start Time of Transaction,End Time of Truncation Status,Exception, Reason of failure.

Hello @sybasha,

You can do one thing is to take “build a data table” activity in which create the mentioned columns, in that and add the required details using add data row activity in and at the end the of the process store that data into an excel file.

I hope this will help you.

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Hi @sybasha

Please check this post might help you,


Hello @Latika10011740,

Reset the test data of work items and execute the whole process again.

After that resubmit the same process.

Maybe this will help you, because i encountered the same problem and i did the same thing i mentioned you above.

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Urvesh Mistry

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