Issue in Generate YearlyReport Performer

Thanks for Guiding… yeah i changed it to Get transactionItem but now after login its redirecting to different URL “

Could u plz help

instead of clicking workitem after login , its navigating to URL “” and blank page hence it cant see workitems page and script is getting failed

I don’t see any issue. Can you debug the workflow.

I reset my test data and its working fine… But one issue is while entering vendor Tax ID , it enters with a space first and hence i get the error msg there is no report for the particular month,
any idea y is it entering space before entering taxID?

Trim the vendor tax id. Simple.

vendorTaxid = vendorTaxid.Trim

after providing trim, 1st time example taxID and january able to download the report. But again for February its entering with space again… how to overcome this issue

That is no problem, some months reports are not there.

You can use element exists activity after clicking the download button.Indicate a message on the screen to store in a variable that is boolean value.

Next you can drop the if activity in the condition boolean var is TRUE , in then section drag a click activity indicate on ok button. otherwise in else section you put previously design sequence(Before the message is not displayed)

Hi… Now m able to complete the activity but when i submit my assignment i am getting below mentioned error and showing as failed, could you please guide me what went wrong…
All my WI4 status is Orchestrator is showing as completed but still its showing as failed

“Total Items: 16 Completed Items: 16 Correct Items: 0”

Could u pls guide me, all my WI4 and WI5 are in completed state, still my status is shown as 0/100…


Can share your project i will check what is the wrong.

Please check the comments of work items - whether you are uploaded with the correct id or not.

Karthik Byggari

workitems is getting updated as “Uploaded with ID ebd4cc60047fe1838679e07f2b48ef34”

Should i remove uploaded with ID and execute??

i reset my test data and executed again but stll the same issue… can u pls guide

After Reset the data. First you run the dispatcher process After again you can run the performer process.

Keep the comment as explained in the walkthrough document.
Are you setting the status to completed for the WIs.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks for ur response, was able to clear the certification…

Many thanks :blush:


Many congratulations :slight_smile:

Karthik Byggari

Please help me resolving this issue. I am also getting the same Process has finished due to no transaction error.

Please check whether you are assigning the invoked arguments.

yes, i have assigned. please check the image if it is.