Not getting the output in generate yearly report 2021 perfromer

getting this message : Process finished due to no more transaction data…

PFA the attachment for detailed msg.
Kindly someone help

Hi @naveenkumarr ,

Are you working on queue concept ?

If so then bot didn’t find any items in queue to run the process state.

yes manoj…is that orchestrator issue or workflow issue?

Hi @naveenkumarr ,

This is not the issue, it’s how REFramework designed.

Just check the queues , if it’s not having any items or transactions bot will not run further.

You need to figure out from where bot is adding item to queue.

its having 21 items in queue…still i’m getting that

Have you checked queue name, is it correctly passed to your workflow ?

Also please share the gettransactiondata xaml screenshot.

yes manoj…queue name is correct…
PFA for screenshot