Using variable arguments in triggered processes


I have a process which saves a report each day. This is fine ,but I’d like the report to be saved with the date at the end of the name - eg data01012021.xlsx.

My process takes an argument for saveName, so I’d like to be able to set the daily trigger to use the argument like saveName = “data”+system.DateTime.Now.ToString(“ddMMyy”)+“.xlsx”. Is this possible?

Hi @SoqedHozi

You don’t need to pass the argument dynamically,at the start of the process you can assign the argument just like variable.

Like you already have the syntax

saveName = “data”+system.DateTime.Now.ToString(“ddMMyy”)+“.xlsx”


So I could use that in orchestrator as the argument? Or must it be set within the project?

@SoqedHozi if you are going to change the file name manually then we need to set the argument, otherwise we can create the variable instead of argument in the process itself.