FTP sepcific FIle download


I need help with DOWNLOADING FOLDERS from FTP Server’s REMOTE SITE to LOCAL SITE, Folders to be 1 hour older or less.

Mayank Mehta.


you can use the package UiPath.FTP.Activites that will do the trick for you.

See the documentation at:

About the FTP Activities Pack (uipath.com)

Hi I am using the same activity till download for FTP, however I need to download specific folders only, I need help in that. Could you assist.


I don’t have a FTP server in order to check the correct steps but you can do the following:

  • Use “Enumerate Files” to get all the files in the folder by selecting “include subdirectories”
  • For every file retrieved use “Download” and pass the remotePath from the DataTable in previous step

Let me know if it works, otherwise if possible share some of your workflow in order to check better.

Thanks That helped. :slight_smile: