How to use FTP activities DownloadFiles

I use FTP activities DownloadFiles
from path XXXX/Report (Remote Path = vPath.Tostring)
To Path XXXX/YYYY_MM_DD (Local Path = vDownload_Path)

But after downloand Folder Report create on Local Path as the last pic.
How can I fix this issue? I don’t want folder “Report” on local path.


Thank you in advance

If you provide a Directory Path (Path to a Folder) as the Remote Path, it will create the same directory (Folder) in the Local Path supplied & then downloads all the file inside that Directory. This is how the activity is built.

You can use Enumerate objects & get all the file names loop over it and supply one file path at a time to Download Files activity. (I don’t recommend this)

Let the download happen the way it’s happening now. After the download is complete do a Directory.GetFiles on the Directory (in your case reports) & then you can use the move all the file outsite the Reports folder & delete the Reports Folder. (I recommend this, as it will be reliable & quick)


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Thank you for your help. =]

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