From excel to web's box

I have data for sale, rent for house ads in excel. I pulled them out of excel and assigned them to the property status variable. I want the real estate status on the field in the screenshot on the web. I tried to select the content with type into after clicking the tile with click. I have specified property state variable into type into . click works but doesn’t mark the content can you help?

Hi @Duygu_Ozdemir !
Maybe you can try select item activity, it might help in your situation :grin:

Let us know if it does not work as expected :wink:

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I get an error when I do it with select item activity. I guess because of the structure of the box.


Ok then let’s try other ways:

  • simple click to see the listbox, then click text
  • simple click to see the listbox, then simple click on the item
  • simple click to see the listbox, then send hotkey with arrow :arrow_down_small: until you get your wanted value then send hotkey enter
  • simple click to see the listbox, then type into until you have a very few results, then send hotkey enter

If needed but a delay between keys, or delay between each step until you find the right combination

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they didn’t fit the listbox’s structure. I did it with the if block, thank you for your interest

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