Click, Type Into, etc on Excel

Is it even possible to Automate Excel tasks, using click, type into, etc?

I have Excel application score, in which I have added someClick and Type Into activities. Mainly, I want to

  1. Click “INSERT” from the top ribbon
  2. Click “Create Pivot Table”
  3. Type Table name in the textbox in the popup window
  4. Click “New Sheet”
  5. Click “OK”

There will be more tasks to automate, but I am already stuck with these simple tasks!
When I use Click or Type Into, and select element on Excel sheet, it looks fine. When I check the selector, it says “Validated” in green, and when I test run, it works fine!

However, if I close the Excel, and re-run the program, it won’t work anymore. None of the clicks and type intos work! When I check the selectors, they are all Invalid! It has a X mark on red backcolor.

Is this even possible at all? And I am only using my temporary Excel file. Eventually, this will go to our customer’s location, with a different Excel file. I thought it would be as simple as just changing the selector’s “title” attribute.
But it won’t even run on my local environment… Any idea on how to make Clicks, Type Intos, work on Excel? and closing and reopening the file won’t affect it?


Assuming you are using all the activities under Excel application scope, attach window and property field “visible” is checked.
What is the error you are getting ? If possible attach a screenshot of the selector or xaml file.

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Click activities cannot run in background. Read range, write range etc can run in background. So for click activities to function as expected, you should have ‘Visible’ Property checked so that it opens the excel application before executing those activities.

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Why don’t you try to use shortcut key to perform steps (like click on open create pivot table) using Send hot key and then use use type into and click activity for next steps. Don’t miss to use Simulate click.
Let me know if it works.
Create Pivot Table.

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