From Clipboard to Data Table

From an Oracle application, I need to get the output from a search result by copying it.
This is what I’ve found:
When copying all lines from the search result, i get the result from the Clipboard (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V) pasted into an empty Excel sheet. From the Excel sheet, I read range into Data Table, and can work from there. This works fine. But:

I would like to do this without having to have the Visible option in Excel App Scope properties ticked. Meaning: I would like the procedure to take place in the background.

Task: From Clipboard to DataTable (the copyed data is structured).

1: Is there a way to do this without visible Excel file?
2: Maybe there is another way to solve the task? Scrape is not good, because it rules out line 1 (blue). Also in this matter, the scraping has proven not to be reliable, because the letters get mixed, 6 sometimes gives 5 and 5 sometimes gives 6 and so on. Not reliable.


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Hello @bjorn2390,

yes, You can use Get from Clipboard activity and use the same in Generate DataTable activity and define the delimiters to create a proper DataTable.


Hi @bjorn2390 ,

Give a try this activity that it has a clipboard to data table . Attached video with an example.

Thank you

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Hi, @Pradeep_Shiv. Thanks for trying to help me out.
Even though Generate Data Table activity is meant for unstructured data, this got all messy for me. I’ve tried various options within the activity wizard, but this does not work for me, it seems.

I tried to combine the result from the Generate Data Table activity with regex, but even this did not work. Same goes with text.split solutions.

I’m just going to keep looking for a solution :man_shrugging: :eyes:

Hello, sir @balupad14. Thanks for your solution.
I’ve watched this video and also other clips in the same account.
Unfortunally the package is not available for me (closed system), so this lead to a dead end for me.
Thanks for trying to help me out! :wave:

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