How to get data table output from clipboard?

I am trying to get some data out of mainframe system, I can mark and copy to clipboard necessary data fine and later on I am pasting it into Excel file (couple of hundred repetitions :)) which gets opened and saved after data is pasted.

I have UiPath helping me to do that and it is already a huge help, however to save some time and make it more robust and faster I wanted to avoid reopening excel each time and pasting data from Clipboard and saving the file afterwards.
Therefore I wanted assign Clipboard content directly into the Data Table type variable and use Append Range activity but it does not seem to be that straightforward. Did anyone came across similar problem?

I was able to streamline my process a bit and now I am opening Excel only once and by using hot keys I am appending each clipboard content under the previous one, so there is an improvement but sill could not find a solution to assigning Clipboard content to Data Table type variable :slight_smile: