A program that loops searching for products by entering the product name in an original system (Internet Explorer) and saving the contents as an excel file is built.

If it is running for a long time, the system (Internet Explorer) will be frozen. If you run a program that searches for products and closes the search screen without saving, the system (Internet Explorer) will continue to run without freeze.

Is there an event that freezes when something is heavy?
In that case
Do you have any countermeasures?

Sorry for the difficulty in understanding the text.


To avoid freeze, I’ll suggest use Chrome ?

Still I am a bit unsure what’s happening exactly

Hi @torigoe

Not sure why the browser is getting stuck when running for some time. It should not happen. Have you tried with a different browser? Chrome or firefox?

Append. The original system is not compatible except Internet Explorer.sorry


Is there a possibility to test the same in a different machine to see whether the freezing happens in that as well?

If the system is running for tooo long and it’s not a server machine, I’ll suggest schedule a restart and let the system cool off a bit, if not possible a better CPU fan would be better!!!

In UiPath, I have done huge set of programs using IE and didn’t face the issue, if it still persist you will need to add on wait to load screen to avoid the issue

It will freeze even if you run it on a different computer

The execution terminal is a laptop computer. There is a waiting time before the action that freezes. I’m running with a free 60-day license, is it not related to the error?

I am not sure, either the configuration issue or something else!!!
do a %Temp% clean up and then try again ?


being in the trial version should not make a difference in the way it is executing… should be something wrong with a configuration just like @Shubham_Varshney mentioned. Or it should be related to the performance of the machine…

If possible, check how much memory it is using when you perform the task manually to get it freezed


I understood that there was a problem with the machine. Try to clean the tmp file. Since it takes less than an hour to run and freeze, it is physically difficult to run manually
thank you very much for answering!