Why robot messed up whole Internet Explorer?

Hello all, I’m facing an issue where robot messed up Internet Explorer after 3 hours of working - more precisely, Save As window freezed at one point - no textboxes at all. (Screenshot below. I couldn’t make normal screenshot because it didn’t work at all)
Is this problem related with long period of working, or something else is happening?
Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi @bp777,

I don’t really have an anwser for you, but it could not be a hardware problem? Maybe if you are performing a heavy task and doesn’t have memory enough, this could a possible reason.

I have 8GB of RAM, I don’t know if that’s enough? The task I’m performing is repetitive, downloading a lot of images from IE.

If this continues to happen without the bot running, contact Microsoft support and they may be able to assist with the issue. You’ll need to get as many details as you can about what isn’t working on your system for them to best help you.

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If IE is freezing, maybe it does not have to do with the robot engine, most likely you can check if you are leaving to many variables opened and causing some memory issues…


I’ve already done that.
Thanks @Anthony_Humphries
That could be possible…
Thanks @bcorrea

I’m not sure if it’s the same issue but my internet explorer was also messed up beyond repair. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but ended up needing to do a clean install of windows to repair my IE.

IE usually works properly for me, but when it comes to repetitive tasks - then chaos ensuses.