Internet explorer has stopped working

I have an assignment where I have to log into Facebook, search a candidate, scrap data from given list of candidates, log out after all candidates are done. I have to do this for nearly 500 candidates but internet explorer crashes after 100 candidates or so. It gives ‘Internet Explorer has stopped working’ pop-up. I have deleted history and cleared cache but still the issue persists. Is there a way to handle this with UIpath and continue with the script? Or should I change the browser to chrome? Suggestions please.


After each logout make sure your close the application and open it again, this should work.

Logging out after each candidate, closing the application and opening it again for every candidate is not feasible. This takes a lot of time for execution. Hence, logout is done at the end after all the candidates are done.

Ok to understand it correctly, you doing all of these activities in single tab under internet explorer?
Can you try doing the same from chrome once?
also, can you share the error logs at the time of error?

I have put the whole open browser sequence in a try catch block. So it does not give any error. Attaching logs and the .xaml file. (140.7 KB)
Main.xaml (118.2 KB)

Tried with chrome, it is slower than IE. Any other suggesstions.

Hi, I might take some time… let me see if can create a small workflow in similar lines are test…

Hello, we are currently facing similar issue with error Internet Explorer Stopped working. UiPath processing list of items in IE in one web site, but after some amount of records the IE always stop working. I have added exception handling, the IE is restarted and the process continues normally.
But I would need some solution to avoid this error, have anybody some idea what could be the reason for this issue?
The EI always stopped working after processing similar amount of items.

Hello Everyone,

Suggestion I am facing same error in IE ,I have to restart IE before each request process.

please suggest