Forum FAQ - How to flag posts

Forum FAQ - How to flag posts

This document is part of our beginners guide.

This article will teach you how to properly report posts using our flagging system.

We were closely following our last UiPath Forum feedback round! :speech_balloon: topic and carefully extracted all the bits of feedback that was provided. As such, we would like to tackle the topic of flagging problematic posts on our Forum and how to properly use the flagging system.

How to use the flagging system?

Please have a look at this short video that explains how to flag the specific post and when to use each flagging option:

When should you flag a particular post?

The post should be flagged if it is either:


The post clearly talks about something completely unrelated to the original, first post of the topic and does not contribute to the it in any way.


The post does not comply with our Forum etiquette and terms of service.

Examples of posts that violate these policies include posts that include sensitive/private information, certification exam solutions/questions, etc.

You can find out more here.


The post was made for advertising purpose and does not contribute in any way to the quality of our Forum knowledge base.

These posts are often made by freshly made Forum accounts with no post history and often contain links to websites that are not related to our UiPath products.

Something Else

This flag should be used in case you want to notify Forum Staff about something else that requires Forum Staff action.

When you use it, you are expected to provide the necessary context in the available text box.

Examples of reasons to use this flag include:

  • you want to notify Forum Staff about a potential solution to the topic (we could then review it and close the topic by marking the specific post as a solution to the topic)
  • you want to delete your post due to it containing some information you don’t want to share
  • anything else that is not covered by the other flags


Category specific moderators

We are looking into ways to allow the Community (you :slight_smile:) to become experts for specific categories and be able to review these flags for those specific categories.
When this is ready, we will recruit the category experts based on their previous contributions and their understanding of the flagging system.

Multiple flags can auto-hide the post

When multiple users flag the specific post, it will be auto-hidden after reaching a threshold. Moreover, flags from more advanced users allow the flags to reach their threshold faster. This includes trust level, but also the agree rate of previous flags of that user and some other factors.