Spams in UiPath Forum

Hello guys!

Lately, there are spams here in the forum like what is shown in the screenshot below:

Let us not think twice on flagging these kind of posts.
Let us all be a responsible members of this community.

Thanks for your cooperation! :slight_smile:


I also saw the same posts today morning. These types of posts show up quite frequently… Thanks for sharing Despi… We all should be responsible for checking and flagging such posts to make the forum cleaner and safe :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. You are awesome! :+1:
Like we know there is no perfect protection from any kind of violation. We are constantly working on our forum to make it the best place to share help and knowledge about UiPath. However from time to time this kind of garbage posts are showing. I really appreciate the help and post flagging as this helps us well with removing such spam. :muscle:


looks like such posts have been made by some kind of robot or software.