Implement down vote in responses

There needs to be an implementation of downvotes to deter replies that are not helpful at all especially if the response is not substantive. Someone under the title robot master replied:

This is a poor piece of advice and needs to be punished so that these types of responses are not rewarded.

Hi @re123,

If you see a problem, please flag to privately let the author or staff know about it.
UiPath Staff will be privately notified about your flag.
If enough community members flag a post, it will be automatically hidden as a precaution

What do you mean by “flag?” i do not see that in the options below.

When you click on ‘Show more’ as below,

You will get the flag option as below,

Sorry I do not see the show more.

@Forum_Staff Could you please help us in solving this issue.

Hi Guys,
This functionality is available for regular users that are longer on the forum and who are more active. If there is something that eventually needs my attention and you don’t have the regular user status yet you can always tag either @Pablito or @Forum_Staff