I have a requirement where I am supposed to send a form to a person then using that form data as input I need to query Azure AD. Need suggestions on what form should I use and also how to query Azure AD in studio?


You can try with UiPath forms and on how to do it, have a view on this

And to interact with Azure AD we can do by

Cheers @Rohit_Nandwani


Ideally you should be going with UiPath Apps … as forms cant be shared

and from Apps you can run a process to connect to azure ad


I don’t want form at run time. A person will get a link to form in email then he/she will fill it then I need to use that data they filled.


  1. UiPath forms cant be send on email…you either needs to use UiPath apps or get data from email directly …but in email frm cant be embedded
  2. Hence UiPath apps cna be used to get data


@Anil_G I am planning to create a microsoft form then send it to user via email then is there a way to get the reponse from form what user has submitted then utilize for later part


if you are creating a microsoft form…then you can mail the response in an email to an email box and then bot can read the data from there


The response is not shown in email directly it provides a link to see the response


I believe that link will have the submitted info…

You can open link and get the data using get text activity and use application/browser


Then you’ll have to write a dispatcher automation that reads the data from the form responses and adds items to the Orchestrator queue.

How to do it in background like get responses from microsoft forms then those responses should be added to queue itself when person hits submit on form?


Check if on submit you can trugger a api call…

If so you can use orchestrator api and add the data to queue on click


No, you can’t do it when they submit the form. You can go in and download the Excel file that MS Forms generates and load that into the queue.

I got your point but how to automate this

Do you know how to go into the form and get the data in Excel? Learn how to do that manually, then it’s fairly simple to automate.

But its through ui i don’t want to interact with ui