Using Forms Activity - What can I even do with it?

Hi! I’m a newbie, I’m working on a project for an attended bot.
My goal is to use the UIPath Forms Activity Package, on StudioX, to have the user fill out a form of information that will be later entered into a CRM application.

What do I need to do after creating the form to get it into any kind of document? PDF, Excel, etc. Is this even possible? I have been playing around with it for a few days. Most of the information I have found surrounding the specific package relates to Studio and we are wanting to use StudioX. Any help or insight is appreciated.


The Forms activities need a rather medium to high development knowledge right now. Therefore, they haven’t been added to StudioX environment. Doing a development with forms hasn’t been tested in StudioX, therefore we can’t guarantee you will be able to develop a full automation in this Profile.
What I recommend is to start a project in StudioX, open it in Studio so you have the StudioX activities too, then continue coding the Forms part in there. Once the process is done, you should be able to run it successfully in StudioX too.
Alternatively, you could install the Forms package in StudioX, but you won’t be able to use the + functionality at its maximum and will probably not be able to finish the automation end to end, as it requires arrays of data and this data type “does not exist” in StudioX, where we don’t even have the “variables” concept.

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This playlist will help you

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