Replacing PDF Forms with UiPath forms?


There is currently a workflow I have where users go into an internal site to access PDF Forms we have, fill them out and click a “save button” which sends the file to email.

There is currently the need to replace this process as the save functionality is currently broken. I’m thinking of re-creating the forms on UiPath and maintaining it through there. This can also easily open up opportunities for committing this data back to database ( rather then manually entering).

Say there are 10 pdf forms, currently the user can go onto a internal website and fill the form out. Does anyone have any ideas on an equivalent input, how I could potentially host these forms live with an unattended or attended bot

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Hey @spatel

It’s a good question… So in your case, you have different form types and users might fill a particular form at a given time. So I suggest that you can come up with a logic through UiPath to first get the type of the form user is needing to update. Based on that, generate and display the form so that user can fill in the information through that in UiPath forms. This could go as an attended automation scenario and the data that can be filled automatically can also be handled through this.

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This playlist should help you in understanding and creating forms

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