Announcing Forms Activity Package Updated Release (v1.3.0)

We are excited to announce an updated release of Forms Activity Package (version 1.3.0). It contains new features to enhance your UiPath Form capabilities as well as improvements to existing features. Key highlights include:

  1. Customizable Forms → Use local CSS files to customize your UiPath Forms.
  2. File extension controls → Restrict the type of files available to the end user selection by adding specific file extensions at design time.
  3. Clear all form fields with a button click → End users can rest all form fields with a button click at runtime.

There are many more feature improvements and bug fixes also included in this release. For a full detail of the updates, please checkout here for the official release notes.

Also, we have updated Forms and Callout Activity documentation with new sample workflows and walk-through examples. We are super excited about this update and hope that you will find it more useful and informative.

Thank you for your continued feedback and support.

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Hi, will you update some new information about V1.5.0?

Any updates on V1.5.0?


¿Do I need to use Pro version to have access to form activities? I just download the package Uipath.FormActivityLibrary.Contracts. My project show its dependencies, but when I search “form” into activities, it does not show any result from this library.

I restarted Uipath Studio and still not working.

Thank you in advance,