For this site with hotels I can only get the result from the first page when scraping

I’m trying to scrape from the following page:
and setting a location as for example London, everything works fine and the bot goes through all the pages but only retrieves name and url for the first page. Could someone please help me understand what I’m doing wrong? Its not issue with max amount.

While using data scrapping have you indicated the UI to go on next page? @jpwin

Hi @jpwin welcome to forum

If u had made the next page Option in datatscrapping and still it can’t retrive from all pages then check the selector of the next page in property panel of extract datatable activitiy

Hi @Parth_Doshi Unfortunately it’s not that simple. It actually goes through all the pages perfectly. I’m even able to get other data from each row from the next page, but not the title and url. Any suggestions what it could be?

Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR! The next page selector works fine. Its just not getting the name and url for the search results after the first page. Although other data for the search result I can get. Any idea what the issue could be? Br Johan

Did the data is structured in all pages like as in first page ?

Yes everything seems structured in the same way for each page.

Try with delay option while extract the data