Hi. Can someone help me? How to fix the problem where bot unable to scrape data as the next page button is not visible?

how do you do it manually ? Must you do something to make the next page button visible?

should be scrolling only. but i don’t know how to scroll while scraping.


May I know how many number of rows it is scraping if you are not indicating any next page button ?

I should get 100 rows. The first page only have 40+


I guess you set MaxNumberOfResults to 100 because of that you are getting 100 rows. If you want to scrape all rows then set to 0.

what should i do to get pass through this?

i checked the properties and it’s already string.

i have a problem in this part


Can you please share the screenshot of the Extract DataTable properties.

here is it

i set continueonerror to false so i can catch this issue or else my datatable is empty


Here you don’t have any Next page navigator right ? If so you can delete Next Link selector and then try once.

Are getting this error when you changed set the MaxNumberOfResults to 0 instead of 100 ?

Here I have next page navigator and able to get through until next page and able to scrape the data until 46 lines. No, I get the error even before I changed it to 0. It’s kind of hit or miss.


Can I access this website from my end ? If yes then can you please share me the URL to me. I will check and let you know.

yup, it’s just

it looks like i only getting the error after set the MaxNumberOfResults to 100. had to rerun few times to make sure of it.


I searched for bag and able to scrape data like Name, URL and Price from all pages. Please find the attached workflow for your reference. (1.1 MB)

still didn’t work for me but thank you. your effort is appreciated.


Still getting same error ?

May I know your webpage is in which language ?

Hi @nr.arinaazizi ,

Please use the below workflow. It worked perfectly for me. You can also modify the same.
Hope it helps. (5.2 MB)

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