"For Loop" not working inside "Use Excel File" activity

I am using a “For Each” loop to iterate a range in Excel. However, I have to place the “For Each” activity outside the “Use Excel File” activity or if hangs. Even a simple loop like this
fails unless outside.

Is there a setting or something I am missing?

Hi @Phil_Kelsey

Can you give us more details on the issue?

What was the erro you getting?

this fails.

if i cant fix this then I try to use Python instead


use for each row in excel for iterating through the each row in excel

and for list or for collections you can use for each activity


i do not need to the loop worksheet. I am extracting a range columns in a single row. I need the For Each loop to iterate the array. But it freezes.

this is range I ultimately want to iterate: excel.sheet(“Sales”).Range(“A1:N1”)

Still having this problem. I have a workflow that has been working well for some time. Now it freezes in a “For Each Excel Row” activity when it encounters a “If else” activity or a “For Each” activity. I have tried it with and w/o an “Excel Scope” activity. I had to remove all the ifs and for-each type activities and if runs fine. I checked the UiPath Diagnostics and it may have something to do with threading. I tried reinstalling Studio but still same issue. Has there been an update that is causing this error? It there something I am doing wrong.