For Each Excel Row Isse

Hi everyone

I used the for each excel row activitie in my worflow, but the roboter always keeps using the first row and is not continuing with the second row. Do i need to include anything else? For now after the “For Each Excel Row” i am using several “Type into” activities, which types info from my excel to a web browser application.

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*Make sure that the “For Each Excel Row” activity is configured with the correct range. The range should cover all the rows that you want to process.

*Ensure that the activities inside the “Do” block of the “For Each Excel Row” activity are correctly configured and don’t contain any errors that might cause the loop to break.


Hi @charleen.thies

You are inserting the type into and other activities outside of loop, you have to insert those activities inside the loop means do block then only for every iteration those activities will executes.

Hope it helps!!

Great, thanks there was acutally an issue with the excel row range. it worked now but now i have another issue, maybe you could help there. So the robot is creating a new folder in a web apllication and then is supposed to create something in there. But the problem is that i can not give the robot the message the order to create it in the newly created folder as the folder name always changes.