For each row activity is not workin

I have a sequence where I need to loop through data tables using for each activity but it’s the activity is not working for some reason, any idea on how to solve this?

HI @udouyolo

May be For Each ActivityType Argument To String
Can you please share some screenshot.

Hi @udouyolo

Can U Please Share The Screenshot Below

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“It’s not working” doesn’t tell us anything.

the output is nothing

Hi @udouyolo ,

could you explain your query well. what do you want to extract from excel?

plz follow the below steps:

1.Excel application
2.if you wants to read 2 excel files then use 2 ReadRange inside the application scope
3.Create variables for 2 ReadRange activities(DT1 for First ReadRange,DT2 for Second ReadRange)
4.then take for each which is used to read from the data in row wise.
5. then take the assign activity create one variable and if you wants to access the data in first execel sheet
6. then take one more for each
7. perform second operation like 5th step
8. if you wants to write the data into another excel take one more excel application scope and take write range then give the file path and then your dt.

if you can elaborate your query well. then i will try to help you


thank u so much, the problem was bc i was looping through single row and added the header. it worked once i unchecked them

Cheers @udouyolo