"For Each Row" value from CSV to "TypeInto" in Studio


I would like to extract a row value(eg. JA9999999) in a CSV file and put the value using “TypeInto” in WebUI. I see the value is taken out from a CSV file, but somehow the value is not typed into a field in web.

What should I set up or change in those activities?

  1. Read CSV file

  2. For Each Row

and confirm a value from JAID is taken out from the CSV by “Write Line”

However, “TypeInto” stops and nothing passed in the field 会員ID in the web.

Please advise.
Thank you,

Hi @Oskarin,

Did you try to use a different method of input? Sometimes that could be the problem


are you getting any error? if yes, please share the sreen shot, and also please check the chrom extansion once.



Can you test by giving value “JA9999999” directly in the typeInto, Let me know is that successful?

Also you can try Empty field->Single Line and In properties of activity Delay between Keys set to 1 sec

Hope these helps you in debugging the issue


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Thank you for your advice, @Gabriele_Camilli, @shaikmdrafi.
There was no error and just stopped.

It was successful when a sample value “JA0000007” directly in the TypeInto and Single Line.
After this confirmation, it runs successfully giving again “row(“JAID”).ToString()” in TypeInto.

Thank you

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