How to copy fields from csv and search on website

Dear All,

I am stuck in a issue . I am trying to copy the data from csv sheet and search on website.
I am using recording sequence and “for each” ,“write line” activity. But still getting search results for single data which
I used during recording sequence.

Although while testing on using the “for each” ,“write line” activity without adding to recording sequence its fetching the data from all the rows.

Could you please help do I need to add some variable as highlighted in the image.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Adarsh,
From Image, I can see that Input type should be inside the body of For Each.
Your recoding also should be inside the body.

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Thanks Uday Let me try to do in this way.

I just found that i was not using Rows keyword in “for each” but when i used the row keyword it gave me compile error
without using row its reading the csv file not sure this may be the cause for not reading all the values from csv file

And without using Rows keyword I am not getting the error could you please suggest.

Hi Adarsh,
There is no need to add .Rows in For Each .
Please share the Read CSV activitiy screenshot.
Can you Share your XML File?

Please find the read csv activity screen shot

Uday Thanks a lot for helping in I am not able to attached the file could you please mail me on I will share XML through that.

Again Thanks a lot.

Thanks Uday It works now I am able to read the csv file!!