For Each Row, use all column Values before moving onto next Row until row is empty

Subject: For Each Row, use all column Values before moving onto next Row until row is empty

Hello - I’m a super newbie and I’m lost as heck. I’ve read through this forum in hope of finding help but I think I’m too slow to understand it all. PLEASE HELP IF you can.

I have an .xlsx containing 4 rows, representing logins for 4 different blogs. Each row contains 4 related Columns: BlogUsername, BlogPW, BlogTitle, STATUS

BlogUsername | BlogPW | BlogTitle | STATUS

1Username | pw1 | Blog Title1 | New
2Username | pw2 | Blog Title2 | New
3Username | pw3 | Blog Title3 | New
4Username | pw4 | Blog Title4 | Old

My questions:

  1. How do I tell UIpath to sign into each account by entering each row’s respective column values? Basically I need UIpath to look up the value of each row’s columns and sign in and sign out of a blog login page like tumblr’s.

  2. Based on values in the “STATUS” column, how do I tell UIpath to only sign into blogs whose STATUS is “New”? Meaning how do I tell UIpath to read each row’s STATUS column and look for only those with “New” value? From the example, there are 3 blogs s to log into, how do I tell UIpath to log into each of these blogs?

For 1 & 2, UIpath needs to look through all rows where the first column “BlogUsername” is not blank.

I know there are some threads on this already but they honestly don’t much sense to me. Please help and share a quick example if you please can.

first, use an excel application scope. inside it, place a read range activity, which will have as output a datatable, let’s call it dt.
now, using a for each row acitivity on dt (the datatable you just created), create the following structure:
for each row{ \this will go through all of the rows of your datatable
if (not row(0) is nothing){ \to check if the if BlogUsername is empty
if (row(3).toString = “New”){\to check if Status is New
\your workflow

Hi @SuperRookier2 ,

Here i have attached the sample file with your situation.

File : ForEachRow (9.7 KB)