Ignore Row 1 and Last Row (Dynamic) + If Value is Blank/0 = Don't Write Anything in Row

Hi I’m still new to UIPath, hopefully someone can guide me! Here is an example showing what I want to do:

As you can see the first and law row is not actually in the table. But because it’s below the headers, they are registered by the datatable as actual info in the rows/columns. Does anyone know how I can make the Y/N (in BankRecon I’ve changed it to Null/Exists) start after row 1, and stop before total?

As per the image I also wonder if anyone would guide/point me if using some sort of activity or condition, I can make it so that if it’s blank/0, it would neither write Y/N in the Status column.

Thank you very much!

you mean if deposit = blank/0 dont write anything to status?

Yup, I think I get the gist of how to do it but I don’t know where it would be placed. Under the Else sequence of the If condition (foundIndex = -1)? Or somewhere else. I assume It will just be me putting another If Condition there.

try this
Sequence1.xaml (12.4 KB)

  1. read excel to datatable
  2. use for each row activity to loop table
  • if CurrentRow("Date").ToString.equals("Total") or string.IsNullOrEmpty(CurrentRow("Date").ToString)
    (header row / total row) then skip row
  • if String.IsNullOrEmpty(currentrow("Deposit").ToString) or Double.Parse(currentrow("Deposit").ToString) = 0
    then assign blank to Status
  1. write datatable to sheet
  2. save

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