How to read excel rows until blank column is found and delete the old values

I am new to UiPath and a beginner.
I am trying this automation where I am reading each row from an excel file and typing into the browser text fields until blank column is found. Once blank column is found end the loop and delete values in all the rows.
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Hi @tyagis ,
I have seen your workflow,you do not need do while loop for executing this process.For each row reads the datatable row one by one and executes the remaining process.Once all row in the datatable got finished,it will exit the loop amd execution will be completed.

So I don’t need to see for a blank row?
I ask because I had some data let’s say on the 9th row but there were 6 rows before 9th row that were blank and I didn’t want the bot to read right after it sees the blank row.

Datatable.AsEnumerable.where(Function(row) row.ItemArray.All(function(col) not string.IsNullOrEmpty(col.ToString))).CopyToDataTable
use this in assign activity and then use for each row activity

I’m not sure what you mean by use in Assign Activity as what? Sorry I am new and not sure how to use it exactly.

Yes,you did it correctly.May I know what the error is?

I replaced the Datatable with dtRead to resolve the error but I get this now.
Assign: The source contains no DataRows.
It ran the first time but since then source contains no DataRows keep coming up.
But the spreadsheet has the data and the workflow works if I comment the Assign Activity.


Ok, I am doing exactly what you suggested but it is still ignoring the blank rows and going to the next row.
Let’s say I have 2 blank rows after 3 rows so it is still going to and reading the 6th row onwards.