Select data according to layout

Hello, I’m new to the Uipath tool, and I’m doing a little development and I want to make the column N bring me the first 5 data and it is stored in a variable after the next orange data q is in the excel and depsues two blue data and store it in a variable.

Excel file attachment, I hope you can support me

thanks and regards!!ejemplo.xlsx (16.9 KB)

Hi @rhg_83

I suppose your approach would be to load the entire Excel file to UiPath using Read Range activity.
You need to provide it a Data Table variable as the output (there is plenty of relevant information on the forum to achieve that).

Then, your next step would be to do some actions on the input DataTable to extract your values OR to do actions based on those values.

The easiest way to go through your records in a DataTable is to use a For Each Row activity (also, plenty of relevant information on the forum).

Here, depending on your end goal, the approach might vary. For example, you can add and IF condition within your For Each Row activity to detect if the row contains an empty string. This would mean you can do a set of actions on the bunch of rows and as soon as the empty strings shows up, you can continue with the next bunch.

I hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments, I will try to do it.


Hi, I could already read the data until I found the empty field, now how can I store the reading data I do until I find the field blank?