Skip row in "for each row"

Hello everyone, simlpe question, for example I’ve got excel file with logins and passwords.
I have a loop for each row, I entry site with my logins and do some action on site, but sometime there are incorrect logins and when it happens, I need to skip this row and move on to the end of the list.
How can I do it?

Instead of skipping the row, you may want to store the result in that very datatable (e.g. invalid). You could then write said result back to the range, and for the next run just check that value in advance.

@alexkrave I would use an ‘If’ statement to check if the login failed. Or use a 'Break" and it would exit the loop.

Seems like this is less known than one would think (second topic today):


True MVP, thx man it works.

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