For each row loop

I am looking for the bot to move onto the next row after completed the process for the first row, however at the min i am getting the bot repeat the first row over and over

What am i missing? can anyone guide me in the right direction please

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@nick.v. Hi

I see you are invoking another workflow, can you make expand that, or else can you share your file?

Hi Nick,

I would suggest to build the flow decision inside the body of the for each loop and everything related to it making decisions should stay inside that loop.

Otherwise, the break activity will help you to stop the loop once you are conditions are met to exit.


Good evening @nick.v . I had that same problem and it was in the following scenario. Here is what happened to me. The transaction numbering increments in the SetTransactionStatus.xaml. I used the REFramework and had updated it so that my TransactionData as a datatable so I carried the datarow through the various parts of the automation. A For Each loop was used as you indicate to perform the transactional steps and manage input into the system in scope. I missed one update in the SetTransactionStatus that I needed and it caused the process not to increment to the transaction number during the setting of the status. I put Breakpoints in that part of the automation to track the increment and was able to spot what I missed. I also put a log message activity in there to capture more easily the value passed to the io_TransactionNumber. I hope this is helpful.