I cannot go beyond the For Each DataTable activity in the REF template

When I put a log message in the Process section, as seen in the picture, it processes all the data and the process stops at the last data.

When I print data with the For Each DataTable activity, my loop remains constant and my Transaction Number value does not increase.

My guess is that my loop does not work within the For Each DataTable activity and that is why my loop does not increment. How can I solve this problem?

Hi @tolgademir

If you are using reframework no need of using for each activity

If you want to use for each activity then check the value of datatable varaible which you have passed in the each activity
Place a log message above for each row in datatable activity




Are you doing a throw activity or something inside loop? Or logging in error?

I see a test in red in the log messages

As per logs looks like its not even going into loop…does your dt has data?

Can you try doing a step into activity and see what is happening…keep a break point on process.xaml invoke activity…and from there perform step into to check what is happening inside

Hope this helps


This is what I want to do

I could understand that This will loop through all rows in a datatable and will type on a field based on an anchor

Is that u r expecting then it would work
I believe u r typing in the same field in loop

Cheers @tolgademir

I solved the problem this way.

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