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I have a sheet that consists of stores and its codes.and i’m working on a project where i want to write the excel data into an desktop application .during this process,it should select a company and then the relevant sheet from excel file and write to the application .My project is not slecting the next store .It’s just selecting the same company again n again .could someone help me !!!

Hi @Rohith_Kumar1 ,
Can you share input and expect output to clear requirements
I understand your excel file have 2 column

you want to get each row to process
you can use for each row in data table



can you check the selector of the click actvivity which you are used for typing Company names

make dynamic so that it will click on all the companies


well…can we connect for a while in meet ?
so that i can express query in a better way !!!

can i connect u in meet ?

now, I’m in vietnam and in working time in company
can you share me about workflow chart,
or image about input and expect output
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So you can follow steps like this

  1. Read the first sheet containing stores and codes into datatable dt
  2. Now use for each row in datatable and give the datatable from step1 dt
  3. Inside loop use currentRow("Stores").ToString to get the stores and I hope that gives you company so can use this as sheet while reading excel
  4. After you get data use one more for loop on the new read table inside the first loop and then inside it use your writing data to application

hope this helps


it’s not working ,
can we connect for a while via meet ??


Can you please tell what is not working


it’s running in loop but considering the same store that is present in the first row again and again


then you would not have used currentrow


i used …can we connect for while ?