For each loop isn't populating

I have a sheet that consists of stores and its codes.and i’m working on a project where i want to write the excel data into an desktop application .during this process,it should select a company and then the relevant sheet from excel file and write to the application .My project is not slecting the next store .It’s just selecting the same company again n again .could someone help me !!!

Hi @Rohith_Kumar1 ,
Can you share input and expect output?

can i share u a meet link ?
so that i can make it fast

Umm, sr, but now I’m in vietnam and in working time,
I have free time after 4 hours

oh…i’ve completed it 90% but stuck in this loop

Can you share image?

Hi @Rohith_Kumar1

Make sure the loop or iteration logic you’ve set up to go through the list of stores and companies is working correctly or not. It might be unintentionally stuck in a loop that’s repeatedly selecting the same company

Verify Your Logic manually so then you can see the issue and please check the variables that are data changing or not . This can help you identify any issues with your logic

not possible to share images as i work on server

can i connect u in a meet for 10min ?
i guess i can complete it in that time !

what’s problem with Your loop?

it’s repeatedly taking the same company .it isn’t going to the next row …I somewhat feel like may be i am invoking the sequences in a wrong way …am unable to find the exact !!

Hi @Rohith_Kumar1 ,
your file is similar ?
you can use for each row in data table
or can you create sample file?

it’s similar but it isn’t going to the next row

kuma.xaml (10.8 KB)
1.xlsx (8.3 KB)

my for loop
can you see
but to detail you can share your file

share me your mail ,i’ll mail it

ok. pls check message I sent to you