Looping thorough list of datatable


I am creating a procedure where i have a excel file containing hundreds of rows of data, however i only need access to a few rows, i have created a datatable reading in the necessary rows.

The next stage is opening an application getting a project code and entering the information in the application then submitting it. I was wondering what is the best possible way to read the whole datatable in so once the first project is completed it can then go and next the next project code from my datatable?


Hey, you can use the “for each row” to loop through all the rows in the datatable. For each of the rows you load the variables necessary for your data imputs in your application and then call a diferente workflow for the upload. Is it what you need?


I have done this, when i open the application and enter the data for each project it will enter the data for the first project in the datatable however it will display the data for the rest of the rows in the output pannel. Can you advise why it doesnt move onto the next row after entering the data in the application?

Hy, the way you are explaining it seems really odd. I cannot think of a reason for that
Could you share your workflow?